Our Iot Products

Icom helps in creating new business models and drive new revenue streams. We help clients take advantage of standard software and hardware components to help and accelerate the development of IoT solutions for industries like Real estate ,Industrial equipments, Electronics, Automative.


To monitor and control temperature inside cold rooms and maintain the same with out any flaws.


  • Using the sensors present in the intelligent monitor system,it condinously monitors the cold room temperature and generate reports as per the user requirements.
  • When cold rooms doors are inadvertently left opened for long hours - Intelligent Monitor System will notify the users via SMS, Email and IVR.
  • Based on the users requirements our system can be customized and can control various devices.
  • At the of power failure, Intelligent Monitor system is backed up with battery for 8 hours.
  • Objective:

    To monitor and control various devices and sensor through Intelligent monitoring and control systems for comfort and safety of its occupants.


    • We monitor and control all the equipment's like Lightings, Heating, ventilation, air-Conditioning, lifts, Security,CCTV and other equipment's, which will help to monitor overall building.
    • Control wasteful utilization of electricity, Provide safe and protective work environment. Satisfaction about services provide immediate notification when there is any fault, which is redirected to technicians and control remotely suitable authority, proceeded to further actions as per user request.
    • It provide live data's and enable to monitor remotely, If there is any behavioural changes it alerts automatically. In general it provide facilities such as fire system, lift system, Water pump,etc.., which would need to operate 24*7.
    • Objective:

      To measure and indicate the presence of certain gases like o2,co2,so2 etc, depends on the industry needs such as Food Processing Hospitals etc..,


      • It monitor and control the Gas level present inside the chambers and control remotely, It check the gas level and alert the authorised person to take required action immediately.
      • It Continously monitor and alert automatically when the Gas level rise to critical situation via SMS,Email and IVR.
      • Objective:

        To track the object for finding the location or direction of the object.


        • Using Geo-fencing to set an alert, if the vehicle are crossing the set boundary limit.
        • Tracking the vehicle using GPS technology.
        • Immobilizer function to turn ON/OFF from the Cpanel(or) SMS.
        • Two way communication from the Android app.
        • Multi Alarms such as over speed, geo-fence, vibration and power off.
        • Playback history of vehicles.
        • Cpanel is capable to use Google Tracking System API, Open API,NacIC (underRno) etc.


        • The term IoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) is often encountered in the manufacturing industry, referring to the industrial subset of the IoT(Internet Of Things).
        • Provides the single board computers, system on modules , development carriers boards,and embedded programing expertise to develop custom and semi-cusom Machine to machine (M2M),Industrial IoT.
        • Our next generation digital industrial product are used by companies to add the features and fucntionality.


        • Diesel generators have become an imperative part of almost all business establishments.
        • Be it a small commercial outlet or a large manufacturing unit, every business depends largerly on the power generated.
        • For business continuity, backup power plays a critical role and failures can cause drop in productivity.
        • Evidently, the Commercial and industrial gensets,which produce large kw of power,are usaually expensive and account for heavy maintenance bills
        • Vital aspects of the generator such as fuel and coolant level, pressure, temperature and energy generated determine its health.
        • For seamless operation of the DG there needs to be system to moniter and manage these vital aspects.


        Connect your mew, existing,and legacy equipment to the cloud is an innovative Internet of things(IoT)end point and smart logger.Get data and alerts direct to your phone.


        • Quick Configuration through smartphone app
        • Network connection using Ethernet or WiFi
        • Access your data or configuration using your samrt device


        • LED Production Display system, we enjoy tremendous growth of our company in global market.
        • The system provided by us is available in various specfications as per the specific requirements of clients.
        • Manufactured from premium quality raw components with the aid of modern technique in adherence with current market tends, this board are pertfect for displaying production capacity in industries.
        • End to end solutions for tracking production data and sdisplaying them.shifts,Breaks can be set.Target can be set.
        • REal time Plan can be calculated based on TAKT/Cycle time.
        • The system can be driven using RS422 / RS485 to interface with plc or remote device and Ethernet / Wifi for IOT solutions, IR remote is used to configure the device.


        • Read and Write Operation.
        • 200 operators (Customized).
        • Alpha Numeric Entry.
        • Serial and Ethernet Communication.

        EB line:

        • 3ph voltage,current,energy consumption,Run hour.
        • Earth- leakage Votage & current

        DG Monitoring:

        • 3ph voltage,current,energy consumption,Run hour.
        • Earth- leakage Votage & current
        • Fuel Consumption


        • Door Interlock& access control for theft prevention

        Battery Bank and Operators

      • Voltage,current,energy,charge hours,Run hours,Cycles
      • PFC Alarms

      • 24 channel input PFC upgradeable up to 60 inputs PFC
      • Online On/Off Features

        • Remote DG On/Off
        • shelter room temperature setting
        • BTS power supply Switches On/Off
        • Alrcon On/Off
        • Access control system Open/Close
        • Aviation Lamp On/Off
        • EXhaust fan On/Off


        • Better Management Control – Detailed power generation data will be available in electronic form.
        • Complete past records for root cause analysis.
        • Management query facility at anytime from anywhere; graphical display of data.
        • Easy to use cloud-based software allows full flexibility for client users.
        • Utility, and Inverter output power monitoring – identifying blackouts and brownnouts
        • All parameters can be monitored from a single console
        • Energy savings, utility cost savings and reduced generator maintenance costs Flexible solution – start small and add more loggers and more locations as your needs grow.
        • Good Audit Trail = happy auditors; clean audits.
        • Features:

          • It has two parts one is watch and other is at reporting area.
          • The remote will have different buttons according to the customized requirements along with LED indications.
          • The information can be shared to the watch individual or parallel. It is hassle free.
          • It is a very smart and saves a lot of time and energy
          • Features:

            • This Product will have 5 wireless table remotes paired with 1 wireless wrist watch
            • The Waiter Watch will have option for beeps and vibrations to notify incoming requests
            • The Table Remote will have 4 different buttons for Service/Drink/Bill/Cancel along with 4 LEDs
            • Built in rechargeable 300mA Lithium battery and adapter
            • Time, Date and Alarm Clock features in the Waiter Watch